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Use of Force Information

What is a Use of Force?

The International Association of Chiefs of Police defines Use of Force as the amount of effort required to compel compliance by an unwilling subject.

What initiates a Use of Force investigation?
  • Outlined in Use of Force directive PD21-0602.
  • Any of the Uses of Force listed as examples 
  • Visible injury or complaint of injury to either officer or arrestee
  • Damage to non-department owned property resulting from use of physical force to apprehend, restrain or control a suspect
What is physical force?

Bodily force exceeding the normal force required to take a person into custody, including any combination of strength, leverage, take-downs, control or come-along holds used to gain control of an uncooperative person; the use of hands, fist, feet, knees, etc. in striking a person.

Examples of Uses of Force
  • Physical force
  • Deployment of K9
  • Tire deflation device
  • Pepper spray
  • Taser
  • Baton
  • Less lethal 40mm exact impact rounds
  • Firearms
  • Any other weapons

Uses of Force

Uses of Force  – January – August 2022

For Previous Years see Annual Report

Complaint Information

As outlined in the LPD’s Internal Investigations directive PD18-1601. 

Allegations of misconduct investigations include those related to:

  • Any form of corruption
  • Misuse of force, or use of excessive force
  • A violation of any person’s civil rights
  • A violation of criminal law
  • A serious breach of departmental or City policy, procedure, or employee rules of conduct

Demeanor investigations include those related to:

  • Improper or inappropriate action or response
  • Improper operation of a police vehicle
  • A violation of established departmental or City operational policies or procedures
  • A violation of established departmental or City employee rules of conduct.
  • Any act, or failure to act, that does not rise to the level of constituting an Allegation of Misconduct

Potential outcomes of complaints

Exonerated: The alleged incident occurred, but the involved employee’s action was lawful and proper.

Unfounded: The allegation is false or not factual.

Sustained: There is sufficient evidence to prove the allegation.

Non-sustained: There is insufficient evidence to either prove or disprove the allegation.

Policy Review: The allegation is true, however the employee’s practices were consistent with departmental policy: as result, the policy should be reviewed to ensure that operational practices remain consistent with the department’s philosophy

Complaint withdrawn: The person who made the allegation of misconduct withdraws the complaint and indicates they no longer wish to pursue the matter.


Complaints  – January – August 2022

For Previous Years see Annual Report


320 Commendations received for LPD employees in 2022

273 Commendations received for LPD employees in 2021

293 Commendations received for LPD employees in 2020

107 Commendations received for LPD employees in 2019

Lives Saved by Narcan

13 Narcan Saves in 2022

      11 Narcan Saves in 2021

         17 Narcan Saves in 2020

Narcan is a prescription medication that can reverse the effects of opioids in individuals who may have overdosed.

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