Lynchburg City Code Sec. 31-9. Designation of police to enforce trespass violations. 

As authorized by Section 15.2-1717.1 of the Code of Virginia, any owner, lessee, custodian, or person lawfully in charge of real property, as those terms are used in Section 18.2-119 of the Code of Virginia, may, in writing, designate the police department as a “person lawfully in charge of the property” for the purpose of authorizing police officers to forbid another to go or remain upon the lands, buildings or premises as specified in the designation. Such designation shall include a description of the land(s), building(s) or premises to which it applies and shall be kept on file in the office of the chief of police or in such other location within the police department as the chief of police deems appropriate. (Ord. No. O-07-008, 1-09-07) 

Property Owners may use the form below to designate Officers of the Lynchburg Police Department to enforce No Trespassing Orders on their property. 

Authorization to Enforce Trespassing

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