How do I commend an employee?

To commend or compliment the performance of a Lynchburg Police Department employee, notify a Police Department Supervisor by: 

  • Visiting the Police Department located at 905 Court Street 
  • Calling the Lynchburg Police Department’s non-emergency number at (434) 455-6041
  • Mailing comments to the Lynchburg Police Department at 905 Court Street, Lynchburg, Virginia 24504 
  • Email the Office of the Professional Standards Unit: 

When a commendation is received verbally, this information is forwarded through the chain of command to the Chief of Police. When a compliment or commendation is received by mail, it is forwarded through the chain of command to the Chief of Police. Letters of commendation from citizens are often posted for all employees to view. The Police Department and its employees appreciate the effort and consideration that citizens demonstrate by taking the time to commend employee performance.

What Is Professional Standards?

It is an integral part of the Police Department, reporting directly to the Chief of Police, which monitors police conduct and investigates citizen complaints. The function is necessary to ensure the Department’s credibility, trust, and effectiveness as a law enforcement agency in the Lynchburg community. 

Types of investigations conducted by the internal affairs function include: alleged police brutality, profanity, illegal acts, disrespectful conduct, or violations of civil rights committed by police employees.

How Is Your Complaint Handled?

If you want the Department to investigate a formal complaint, you may be asked to be interviewed, possibly recorded on tape, and provide a written statement. It is important for you to make the complaint as soon as possible. The investigator will then interview witnesses and involved officers to obtain statements. All other information and evidence will be analyzed and a conclusion reached. Most investigations are completed within 30 days, and then you are notified. Serious allegation investigations are completed within 90 days and you will be notified by letter of the findings. The LPD policy on Internal Investigations, #1601, is available on this site under the Policies and Directives tab.

How Do You Make a Complaint?

If you are dissatisfied with any aspect of police conduct, you can make a complaint. Some complaints, such as rudeness or discourtesy, will normally be handled by the officer’s supervisor or division captain. Complaints deemed to be serious will be handled by the Professional Standards Division.

You can file your complaint online by completing this form.

You can file your complaint by appearing in person at the:

Lynchburg Police Department Professional Standards Division
905 Court Street Lynchburg, VA 24505
Monday – Friday 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
By Telephone: Professional Standards Division (434) 455-6052 Option 2 or
Field Operations Bureau (434) 455-6061

Special Notes

  • It is important that you make your complaint as soon as possible. 
  • If you want a complaint investigated, you may be asked to be interviewed. 
  • Upon completion of a formal investigation, the complainant will be notified in writing that the investigation has been completed. 
  • If your complaint alleges that police have assaulted you, you should seek medical attention immediately. 
  • If your complaint is of an alleged police assault, and there are signs of injury, you should have photographs taken as soon as possible. 
  • If you need it, arrangements can be made by an investigating officer to have photographs taken. We will provide you with transportation to the Police Department, or visit your home. 
  • All complaints against employees of this Department will be documented and investigated, including anonymous complaints. 
  • Internal investigation statistical summaries are available by contacting the Professional Standards Division at (434) 455-6052.