Physical Security Assessments 

A Physical Security Assessment is a comprehensive examination of the physical security of a particular location ranging from a private residence, a small business, a school campus, manufacturing facility, or a house of worship. The Physical Security Assessment is a non-invasive, comprehensive walkthrough conducted by a LPD crime prevention specialist and members of the organization’s management, security and/or maintenance personnel. The security assessment will evaluate the perimeter, access control, surveillance, lighting, doors, locks, alarms, and identify vulnerabilities. Recommendations to improve these, in cost effective method will be given and discussed.

Internal procedures will be reviewed for businesses and houses of worship to make recommendations to address overall safety for staff and guests. Additional points for evaluation include cash handling policies, the crisis management plans, the safe handling of confidential information, and implementation of an emergency continuity plan.

The LPD also offers informal security assessments. 

To schedule a Physical Security Assessment or for more details please contact:

Cindy Kozerow at or 434-455-6145.

Katie Jennings at or 434-455-6169.