The Lynchburg Police Department helps local businesses by providing courtesy security assessments and educational programs upon request. 

The goal is to enhance safety for businesses and educational facilities, employees, students, and patrons. Upon request, Certified LPD Crime Prevention Specialists provide complimentary security assessments to identify vulnerabilities in physical security and suggest improvements to workplace safety protocols.

The LPD provides the following training :

  • Personal safety in the workplace
  • Basic retail crime prevention
  • Identity theft and fraud prevention
  • Workplace violence prevention
  • Alarm procedure for banks and credit unions 

Additionally, the LPD coordinates a Loss Prevention Task Force (LPTF). This task force meets to discuss current problems and increase awareness among retailers.

The goal of the LPTF is to spot trends in retail crimes, identify suspects, and improve communication between retailers and law enforcement. The task force includes law enforcement from Amherst, Bedford, and Campbell counties and a representative from the Lynchburg Office of the Commonwealth Attorney. 

Retail loss prevention staff or managers are welcome to attend the monthly meetings. If you would like additional information, please contact Cindy Kozerow at or 434-455-6145.