Application: You must visit the City of Lynchburg’s website and complete an application for employment here

Physical Agility Test
Physical Agility Test

Physical Agility Test: You will complete a physical agility test consisting of a 100-m run, 15 burpees, 15 sit-ups, 100-m run, 15 burpees, 15 sit-ups, and 100-m run. Your evaluator will provide a city intersection before you begin the test, and you must remember this once you complete your final 100-m run. If you incorrectly identify the intersection, you must complete another 100-m run. You must complete the test in under 6 minutes and 18 seconds. 


Written Test: You will complete a written test known as the National Police Officer Selection Test. It is made up of three separately timed sections. The three sections, Arithmetic, Reading Comprehension, and Grammar, are multiple choice or true/false. Though most of the questions on the test relate to police work, no prior knowledge of law or law enforcement is needed to answer the questions. You can access a test study guide here that will help you prepare. 

Oral Board Interview: If you pass the written test, you will participate in a board-style interview with several current LPD officers and a member of the Lynchburg community. 

Personal History Questionnaire: You must complete a personal history statement that includes information such as your previous schooling, jobs, drug use, and more. 

Polygraph Test: If you successfully complete the physical agility test, written test, and oral board, you will proceed to a polygraph examination. 

Background: After successful completion of a polygraph examination, one of our background investigators will complete an extensive background check on all the information you have provided, including speaking to your references and other individuals who know you. 

Conditional Offer: You could receive a conditional offer after completing all the previous steps and having a clean background check. This conditional offer will include your potential starting salary and other necessary information. Before receiving a final offer for employment, you must successfully complete a  medical psychological examination. 

Psychological Evaluation: The last step in the process to receiving an offer of employment from the LPD is an extensive psychological evaluation that lasts several hours. 

Medical Evaluation: A medical examination will be conducted on each applicant who has conditionally been offered employment, prior to appointment to probationary status, using procedures based upon job-related criteria.

Offer of Employment: Congratulations! You are now the newest member of the LPD Family. You have started a career that will fulfill you for the rest of your life.