The Lynchburg Police Department’s Office of the Chief consists of the Chief of Police, the Administrative Assistant to the Chief, the Chief’s Staff Officer, and the Community Relations Unit.



Ryan M. Zuidema

Chief of Police

Joel Hinkley

Captain, Chief's Staff Officer

Chief Ryan Zuidema

Ryan M. Zuidema was appointed the Chief of the Lynchburg Police Department in 2018. 

The role of the Chief of Police is a multifaceted and critical position within a law enforcement agency. As the highest-ranking law enforcement officer, Chief Zuidema is responsible for overseeing the Lynchburg Police Department. This is accomplished through administration, community relations, strategic planning, resource and personnel management, crisis management, policy development and compliance, accountability, and oversight. 

The Office of the Chief includes both sworn and professional staff to facilitate the needs of the unit, as well as, the department itself.